Pre-wedding photo: taken in Hainan, the Hawaii of China

Hi there,

My name is Calvin and I came to China with my wife during the summer of 2013. We were both born in Beijing, but while she grew up here, I went to the United States when I was 3 and grew up mostly in Maryland. We came to China because she longed to be home and I’ve always wanted to live abroad.

How did I settle on Banana in Beijing? Well I think a banana would be a pretty accurate description of me. I look Chinese yet I have a lot of American values. So yellow on the outside, and white on the inside, just like a banana!

Also, because Banana in China was already taken by some random woman who blogs about food, I figured since I’m living in Beijing that Banana in Beijing would be the next best option. So there you have it.

Welcome to my blog, Banana in Beijing!