Nothing like being lazy for almost a month and then realizing that I still have this blog haha.

I think my next topic will be to bitch about work, since that’s why I’ve been so busy lately (I’m really not that lazy, I swear). But luckily, our Company managed to finish the project we were working on for the past 4 months. It does feel like a relief, since up until the last day, there was still a good chance that the project might fail.

But before I get into such a serious topic, I thought I would blabber for a bit to get back into the groove of writing.

Over the weekend, I watched the last 3 Hunger Games movies. Yeh, I know it’s been awhile since they’ve come out, but Celine really wanted to watch them, so I obliged. Unfortunately for us, we both thought the last two (Mockingjay Part 1 and 2) were pretty bad.

Catching Fire was good, since it was tense throughout the movie, and the action was well spaced out. I already watched it once before, but when I watched it again I was captivated, even though I knew what was going to happen. There were some “plot twists,” I guess you could call them, but overall it was enjoyable.

But Mockingjay was just soooo tedious. I didn’t read the books, but I think a lot of the criticisms I saw online said that they shouldn’t have split the last book into two movies.

First off, the political subtext was kind of annoying. I think through the first quarter of Part 1, it was obvious that Coin was using Katniss for her own political gain, and she didn’t really care for her. Coin’s speeches to the masses were incredibly boring, which I thought was surprising given that she was their chosen leader. She didn’t really give me the impression that she was a great leader. Just kind of eh.

Second, the movies dragged on and on at a glacial pace. The character development, the dialogue, it just kind of got too much. Part 1 didn’t have enough action, and Part 2, I don’t know, was just tedious. I skipped through about a quarter of the movie while they were moving through the Capitol. It just wasn’t that interesting and was dragged on a little bit too long.

I was also not that impressed with Jennifer Lawrence’s acting. I don’t get why so many people thought her acting and performance were so great. I guess the acting level of recent years has been so bad there haven’t been anything better? I thought she had the same facial expression in all her scenes, and the ones in which she had to act, most ended up flat or unimpressive.

When she cries it’s eh… it sounds kind of fake. When she talks to the guy who holds a gun to her head and talks him out of shooting her, that monologue was almost as cringe-worthy as when she first tried delivering her propaganda lines. I don’t know, maybe I’m just not a big fan, but I don’t see what all the hype is about. She didn’t really strike me as a great actress, and her performance didn’t really leave me excited or “wowed.”

I honestly couldn’t think of anything too memorable in either of the last two movies either. It was super obvious that Katniss was going to shoot Coin, as soon as it showed Coin standing above and behind Snow. It was obvious she was always going to end up with Peeta. I actually told my wife that I thought Prim was going to die somewhere early in the second movie.

Also, does anyone actually believe you can use a bow and arrow and shoot down a fighter jet?

So yeh, I don’t really have much more to say about the movies. While it was a box office success, I felt like it didn’t really live up to the hype. Both my wife and I regretted watching the last two movies, and couldn’t wait for the last movie to finally finish.

Calvin’s Corner 10 – Hunger Games Mockingjay was Terrible
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