Man I have completely stopped watching the NBA. Last year, I watched every single Warriors game, and was crushed when they lost the finals after being up 3-1. I was a typical bandwagon fan, but it was exciting following a historically great team.

This year though, NBA has been pretty meh. I mean, there were tons of cool story lines during the regular season: Westbrook averaging a triple double, Harden moving over to point guard and running Houston’s insane offense, Giannis having his breakout season, Miami almost making it into the playoffs after an 11-30 start.

But with the way things are going in the playoffs, it seems like none of that matters.

We are heading towards an inevitable Warriors / Cavs finals.

The only possibly interesting storyline here is if both the Warriors and Cavs sweep, it’ll be the first time two teams will face each other when both are 12-0 in the playoffs.

Granted I’ll still probably watch the finals, and I really hope that it’s an interesting series. But the excitement from last year is gone.

I don’t know, maybe it’s also just me getting older.

The one thing that Celine is really afraid of is one day I’ll lose my passion for life. It’s already happening to her dad. He doesn’t really have any hobbies. When he was still working, his hobbies consisted of going out to dinner, smoking, and drinking. He’s not an alcoholic by any means, but it’s just part of the work culture here in China.

Nowadays, he seems really bored. Doesn’t have any real interests, and just kind of goes through the motions of living.

I hope I don’t become like that.

As I get older, I realize that the amount of free time I have is so scarce, that it becomes exponentially more valuable. I want to do things that I am interested in and passionate about. But then, I realize that aside from basketball, poker, and weight lifting, I don’t really have many other interests.

And now that I am in China, I barely get to play poker anymore.

And because my hands won’t heal (a story for another time), I can barely play basketball anymore.

So all I have left is weight lifting. Hopefully it keeps me going.

Calvin’s Corner 4
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