It seems all of my posts lately have been about basketball. I think this year I’m pretty excited about the NBA finals, and I still want to play some basketball before my kid gets born. Hopefully my hands get a little better and I can play more this year.

Today I’m going to continue the topic on basketball, cause I saw a pretty interesting situation 2 days ago, and it also ties in with my series on pickup basketball in Beijing.

I was at Chaoyang Park playing basketball with my cousin. He had another friend (who didn’t really know how to play), and we picked up a dude who was prob around 6’4” and we ran 4 on 4.

We had a good run of games, but eventually a large group of guys came, most of whom were pretty decent. Both my cousin and I have played against most of them in the past, and they usually showed up together so it seemed like they all knew each other.

We had just lost a game, so I went to buy some water, but when I got back to the court, a few of the guys were arguing with each other. The game had stopped, and some guys were trying to separate two of the players who were still yapping at each other.

What had happened was there was a smaller guy (he was pretty jacked by the way, this plays an important part in the story later), he drove to the bucket and got fouled by a bigger dude, and got knocked down. The bigger dude then stood over the smaller guy, with a “Yea I just knocked your ass down, what are you gonna do about it” look.

The smaller dude took exception and said something along the lines of “You trying to start something?” when he got up.

And this is the part I didn’t see, but what I heard from several of the people afterwards. When the smaller dude, turned around to walk away, the bigger dude took a cheap shot to the little guys head. I don’t know if it was a punch or like a smack, but definitely a cheap shot cause the little dude had his back turned.

Now the players are trying to separate the two. I get back around this time, when I see the game stopped and they’re still yammering.

Eventually, they start talking shit again to each other, and as they’re getting closer to each other, the little guy fakes a swing, the big guy ducks, and then the little guy throws a huge punch to the big dude right on the temple.

It was a beautiful and perfect hit, a punch you rarely see land so well in a streetfight.

The big guy almost got knocked the fuck out.

Unfortunately for the little guy, the big guy’s friends came and swarmed him. It was 4 on 1, and it didn’t end very well for the little guy.

They eventually got the little guy on the ground, and start kicking him in the face and groin. The little guy had some training and was smart enough to cover his ears and face with his hands and elbows. It was fucking crazy, there were like 12 or 15 guys, some trying to pull the 4 guys fighting off the little guy, and the little guy getting punched from all directions.

Eventually everybody gets separated, but the little guy was bleeding from his ear, and his right eye and forehead were all pretty swollen.

But the damage probably would’ve been a lot worse if he wasn’t so jacked. He had some MMA training, so he knew how to protect himself, but 4 on 1 was just too much, especially when all the guys were bigger than him.

By the way, those 4 dudes are huge assholes. Apparently they try to start shit on the basketball court all the time. Just a warning for those that play at Chaoyang Park to keep an eye out for them. Two of the dudes both have tattoos that cover their whole arms. They’re probably like 40 something as well. And the other two dudes are a little younger, probably in their late 20s or so, and about 6 feet tall, pretty wide and pretty big. Plus they fight super dirty. Tons of cheap shots, and they were even aiming for the little dude’s nuts when he was on the ground.

I didn’t really understand the situation since I thought all those guys knew each other. Plus, the 4 guys, after the fight, just stayed around smoking on the court pretty casually. Eventually, they gave a half-assed apology, but left the courts right after.

The little guy ended up taking pictures of the 4 dudes, as well as the damage to himself. He ended up calling the police, who came about an hour later to the park.

One of the guys who stayed around had the Wechat of the big guy (the one that threw the cheap shot). When the police came, the guy in charge told the big guy to immediately go to the police station so they can figure out a resolution. I assumed that guy complied, or else the consequences could be pretty bad.

From what I understand, the little guy has to go to the hospital to get checked out. If there is any internal damage, the 4 guys might have to go the jail for a period of time. But if the damage is just external, like bruising or cuts, then the matter can be settled with money.

Anyway, just a reminder, to stay cool on the basketball court. I’m already in my 30s, and it’s not worth it to fight over a game. I just play now to stay in shape and try to continue doing something I love.

Imagine if the little guy (who I found out is only a 21 year old kid) had his eye kicked and went blind… Even if the other dudes went in jail, he is still going to have to suffer for his whole life. It’s not worth it.

Moral of the story: Don’t fight over basketball, cool off and walk away.

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