The result wasn’t that surprising. Mayweather has been dominating boxing for about 20 years, and even at 40 years old, it was obvious that he would crush someone who has never had prolonged formal boxing training.

Given the above, the fight was still entertaining. And that’s exactly what it was supposed to be. Entertainment.

I think too many people got riled up about this fight. There were the people who really wanted to see Mayweather get knocked out, and there were people who thought McGregor would get knocked out in the 2nd or 3rd round. But it was obvious that it would be dragged on, for the obvious reason of money, and the second obvious reason of entertainment.

For example, what does Mayweather have to prove if he wins in 3 rounds? He is fighting someone bigger than him, yes, but he is arguably the best pound-for-pound boxer ever. It doesn’t make sense to end the fight so fast. It also doesn’t make it entertaining, in my eyes. People didn’t wait this long to see the fight end in 6 or 8 minutes.

And from McGregor’s point of view, he just needs to try his best in the ring, and he comes out a winner. No one (with a brain) really thought he stood a chance.

So people need to see that this entertaining fight was exactly that. Entertainment first and foremost. It was a great way to promote both UFC and boxing, and it was a great way for combat sports fans to see something different and unique. It brought about a lot of discussion, analysis, and controversy, but controversy is good when you are promoting something. All the smack talk between the two fighters leading up to the fight? Obvious entertainment to get more people interested. And of course it worked. Even here in China, my Wechat blew up with short video clips and pictures of the fight.

Lol what the hell is Mayweather wearing?

Whoever came up with this fight idea is a genius, and I’m sure got massively paid. This fight is a GREAT case study on how to do marketing, and how to make a ton of money. Get a huge personality from a rising sport (McGregor from UFC) and mix with a legend (albeit with his haters) in a somewhat dying sport (Mayweather from boxing) and you have the perfect chemicals ready to mix and explode.

I’ve read online that Mayweather may be getting over $300 million for this fight, while McGregor will be getting around $100 million. That’s absolutely insane! I guess that’s what happens when you get so much hype surrounding the fight that everyone wants to buy the pay-per-view and watch it.

In terms of the actual fight, I was pretty impressed with McGregor. For someone who only trained a little bit (compared to the amount of time that Mayweather has been fighting), he looked pretty good. He managed to land a bunch of punches on Mayweather, but this was a combination of his longer reach, and his inability to put any power into his punches.

I think from McGregor’s point of view, he was also trying to conserve his energy since he knew he wasn’t going to be able to knock Mayweather out. So he focused more on moving around, finding his spots, and trying to tag Mayweather. I would say at the beginning, while he was still fresh, it was definitely working in his favor.

However, as the fight went on, it was obvious that McGregor’s conditioning would be an issue. I think around round 6 or 7, there was a slight drop in the amount of punches thrown by McGregor, and he was half defense half offense, while at the beginning, he was nearly all offense.

In the 9th, there was a moment where it looked like McGregor could barely lift his hands. At that point, it already looked like Mayweather would finish him soon.

From Mayweather’s point of view, I think he also wanted to put on a show. Like I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t make sense for him to knock McGregor out (it wasn’t even clear if he could). So he played the long game, and knew that his superior conditioning would win him the fight.

So in the end, it was a great fight from a purely entertainment point of view. I’m glad I watched. Now we can move on haha.

Floyd Mayweather TKOs Conor McGregor in the 10th Round
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