Zaza Pachulia really sticks out in this picture. He’s still a bitch

Congrats to the Golden State Warriors for winning the 2017 NBA Championship. Also congrats to Kevin Durant for winning his first championship!

It was pretty obvious right? Adding a top 3 player in Durant to a 73-win warriors team that runs a beautiful motion offense, there was almost no possibility that they wouldn’t make the NBA Finals again. And while people thought Lebron could put up a fight, in the end the Warriors simply overpowered the Cavs and took the Finals 4-1.

I’ll admit, this year, I really didn’t watch much basketball. It was too predictable. We already knew it was going to be a Warriors Cavs finals, and everything else was just an unappealing and unsavory appetizer until the main course. We might as well just skip the regular season next year and jump straight to the playoffs.

Last year, I watched all of the Warriors’ games. I got super hyped, because they were gunning for that single season wins record, and you never knew if they were going to lose because everyone was bringing their best against the Warriors.

This year though, that excitement was gone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still paid attention to a lot of the storylines because I spend way too much time on Reddit’s NBA subreddit r/nba. I enjoyed keeping up with the MVP discussions between Westbrook and Harden (Could you imagine if that core of Durant, Westbrook and Harden stayed together?? Sorry OKC fans, just had to rub it in), the emergence of Giannis and the Bucks, and the fact that Devin Booker, a guy who is 20 years old, dropped 70 points in an NBA game!

But it just wasn’t the same as the thrill and expectation of watching the Warriors all of last year.

It’s pretty cool to see a dynasty happening before my eyes. I’ve never seen a team so dominant in the NBA, and hopefully if this core can stay together, the Warriors will have at least a couple more years of dominance.

But storylines aside, I’m honestly super happy for Durant.

This meme finally comes full circle

A lot of people called him a “Bitch” for leaving OKC, and joining up with the team that beat him. But from his point of view, it makes perfect sense. As a free agent, he had every right to choose a destination that suited him both professionally and personally. He seems like he really gets along with the guys at Golden State, whereas his relationship with Westbrook is a little bit more unclear. And of course he has the best chance to win with the Warriors.

And think about it this way… If you got 15 job offers, all of which paid the same, wouldn’t you pick the job where you liked your co-workers the most and also had the highest chance to get promoted? That’s essentially what Durant did when he chose Golden State.

I won’t go too much into the details about the whole situation, since there is too much to write about, like how Golden State’s front office did a phenomenal job in drafting and developing their core players, and managing the cap space so that they could even sign Durant, or how Lebron created his own Super-team with the Heat so that he could beat Boston, and essentially did the same thing when he returned to Cleveland.

But I am honestly happy for KD. Just look how happy he is here.

He got what he always wanted, and he deserves it, especially after the amazing performance he put on in the finals. His per game averages? 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds, 5.4 assists, 1.0 steals, 1.6 blocks, on 55.6% shooting, 47.4% 3 point shooting, and 92.7% free throws? DISGUSTINGLY ABSURD. Finals MVP well-deserved.

And for all the haters, watch this commercial. Haha, pretty awesome.

Golden State Warriors Win 2017 NBA Championship (Duh)
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