So Celine is about 5 months pregnant now. Last week, we went to the hospital for a checkup, which included an ultrasound to make sure the baby is growing properly.

We are having the baby at United Family Hospital, a private hospital in Beijing.

Public hospitals in Beijing are super crowded, and wait times for checkups can get pretty crazy. I’ve heard of stories where husbands or grandparents will go to the hospital at 4AM to wait in line to get a number for their pregnant wives. The numbers dictate when you can see the doctor. Every checkup is a test of patience and resilience, not to mention the absurd amount of time that both my wife and I would need to take off from work.

And while United Family Hospital is quite a bit more expensive, it’s clean, the doctors and nurses are friendly, and there aren’t crazy wait times for every checkup. We are usually in and out of there is about an hour or so, sometimes a little longer if the checkup requires more extensive tests.

Another benefit of going to a private hospital is that they tell you the sex of the baby.

Well, that is until we went for our checkup last week.

Before I continue, let me give some background about this. Public hospitals won’t disclose the sex of the baby to the parents because they are afraid parents may get an abortion if they find out that the baby is a girl. Yes, this is still prevalent in China, though more so in smaller cities and rural areas. In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc… this is a lot less common.

So to prevent this, hospitals make you wait until your baby is born before you know if it is a boy or girl. It makes preparation a bit of a pain, since you don’t know whether to buy pink or blue clothes.

Last week, the doctor told us that they just changed their rules, and now are also not disclosing the sex of the baby either!

However, I think the doctor saw that we aren’t the type of parents to get an abortion because we were having a girl (my wife actually really wants a girl), so she said she would point it out on the ultrasound and we could guess for ourselves.

The first time the doctor pointed to the ultrasound, she was like, see this? And she drew a little curve. “You can guess the sex of the baby right?”

My wife and I were like, “Huh?” We were both pretty clueless.

The doctor continued on with the ultrasound.

Afterwards, we asked the doctor again, saying we still aren’t sure if it’s a boy or girl?

The doctor looked at us incredulously, and said:

“What really? It couldn’t have been more obvious!”

Lol, not to me and my wife apparently.

Can YOU tell if this is a boy or girl?

The doctor pulled up the baby on the monitor again, and this time, drew a curve again, which I guessed was where the boy’s penis should be. But she wouldn’t say outright that it was a boy.

I think my wife needed 100% confirmation since she didn’t want to let go of the hope of having a baby girl. She remained stubbornly unsure.

So I joked around with Celine, and said that since the baby kept kicking you every day and was so energetic all the time, it was probably a boy.

The doctor finally said, “You can think of it that way.”

And so, we are having a boy, probably.

It’s a Boy, Probably

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  • July 8, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    Huh stubbornly unsure? ;))))) I was really not sure ok?

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